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  Maexi ...heheheheh!
click our faces and you'll get mad!
UHUclanMEMBER I UHUclanMEMBER IIwell, there was this Friday night, nothing else to to... let's be creative, was my idea, and why not... ? why should we hang in front of my nice flatscreen and just fool around without beeing creative? why the fuck should we just watch Southpark the third time and fool around... let's make some silly pics and put 'em on the web... just for you, yeah, that's what we gotta do!, that's the deal: it must get weird, like really weird, you know what I'm talking about?! 'cause Mäx's kind a weirdo... and me, no, I'm pretty polite! yeah, you got it? that's how we started with that page...
...and something else: if you got problems with sex, drugs, alcohol, woman or other crazy shit, just ask us! The Uhu Uhu Bros will help you to build a better world to live ...or so... yeah, that's pretty much it!
yeah, life's tough, but ... the uhu bros are tougher! yeah, you won't believe it!
we're no gangstas, we're no sickos, we're no damn bastards, we're no drug, we're no freakn idiots, we're no nothing! ...we're just the original unltd. UHU-UHU-BROS!
we just love yo damn bastards! yeah, funny shit!

UHUclanMEMBER IV Master Suvi
...a weird westside-junkie

...another Uhu bra...
...well, he got kind a red face, though! but he's one of us!

07/08/01: Zürifäscht 2001
04/13/01: EASTER special aka. Santaclaus
10/08/00: WASA - Choco-Wiking Fanpage
10/07/00: UHU GUESTWRITERS - official guestbook!
08/28/00: UHU member show
08/20/00: BingoNight2000 Heineken-special
coming soon UHU goes NYC - huge picture gallery...
NEWNEWNEW UHU online shop - get y/r fan articles right here!
uhuwarez: DOWNLOAD section
news 05/23/00: FROILIpartyTM goes UHU this coming Sat



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