Last Update: Tuesday, 15 Aug 2000

>>  crappy version 64kbit, 22050hz Stereo [1.5mb]
check da official songtext
THE official Uhu soundtrack!
 "Mir sind dä Uhuclan - Uf dä ganze Welt begehrt!
  In Züri dehei und überall als Siebesieche verehrt!..."
© © © Live taping at Uhumigi studios - Zurich, Switzerland. © © ©
Mr. UHU's Streetparade remix.
nz nz nz - UHU shakes his butt!!! ...und macht en Schnäbitanz!
Live on da Parade! No sweat no wet! No uhu no muhmuh! touch down! - interception! - field goal! - offside!
Suvi's Mothersday present live from NYC!! UHUmedley - what the fuck is that?!! - "Aber Hauptsach mit Salz und Pfeffer!!"
sickass freestyle mix - boomdibumboombumbabuum
style: chill-out-fatass-bobee-funk-shit our UHU freestyle special remix. Live taping at Seximäx studios - Zurich, Switzerland.
© seximäx&philippo >> remix
 "Min Fründ de Jorge dä hät mir geschter clar und düütlich gseit
  du nützisch mi sexuell nur us und da bin ich jetzt leid..."
© Mazzu brother Seximäxi is telling you a fairy-tale! ...another Friday night...
© mäxi&brothers Master Propper - the propper of the master. Uhu master propper is popping the poppy master!
Don't ever mess with Master Propper! He's popping the master's popo!
you just must get this wav-file! an original UHU-production!
© suvi&seximäx&philippo one of the best movies since ever!
You must check this out! A must for everyone who likes blind sharks and their problems! Froili zieht Bilanz über seine durchaus geglückte Grillparty.
Hat sich die Werbung gelohnt? - FROILI-party2000
etwas fehlte an diesem Feschtli... Säuli... Schade, sie ist nicht gekommen...! © 1999 Hoedeboede productions
Well, if you want to waste your time spent online, you should download this file. It's another must-seen!
There was this exercise in our Informatics lesson at UniZH - create a Power Point presentation about "Hardware & Software" and present it to the class.
That's the result. A sick-brain production of Schwiizer, Migi and Philippo
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5 TA-media strikes back
06/07/00 ta-media.html
hey! what's wrong now?!!!
anything wrong with
What?!!! They wanna steal our domain?!! Any reasons?
11 Mayastrupper Ani-gif
Live out of the movie "Microcosmos"
24 k
13 animated Dave
Watch him jerking off...
huh, this guy is sexy!! Wanna know more about him?...
get his whole picture collection...
here it is: [1.98mb]
70 k
14 animated FROILI
ein heimlicher Geniesser...
58 k
15 Seximaexi takes off his "Gurt"
UHU memberzzz only!!
1877 gb


"The worst downloads since ever!"
"UHU-clan - your most waisted time on the web!"
"UHUclan??! What the f...'s that?! Those kidz are all fucked-up!"
"I swear to God! - those downloads are garbage! You hear me?! Nothing else than garbage!"
"Tell you what! I'm tired of this shit! Go home to your mama and leave me alone!"

\\ _ _ //
( o o )
© uHuCLaN

   oooO  (  )
  (  )  ) /
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my comment about those downloads: Kick Ass!
well, stay tuned - UHU clan rulz!



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