UHU-clan brotha II
the head of the ass (with original piss-face!)

that's Fifi!
That guy pretends to be the webmaster of this silly site. He claims to be the master of the UHU.
Ever heard about UHU? - Who the f... is that?!!
Yeah, I don't really know why this guy called Fifi puts such a stupid site on the web. Actually you should censore stuff like that! Where's the point of those pages?
go and ask philippo@uhuclan.com - I'm sure he'll be able to tell you.Go to my birthday section...

Philippo is known as "Studifudi" and Hoedeboede-Master.
Watch out he got a lot of hair!
Besides, his real name is FIFI even though his parents are no dogs.

check his other websites:
www.phpee.com PowerPhlogger
www.freelogger.com free counter / web statistics coming soon!

and please sign his freakn guestbook