UHU-clan brotha I
illegal Mäxi(the weird jerk-off)

that's Mäx, the one and only Mäx
yo gangsta-mäx! Feel the beat!
Some people call him Chilean Crack-Nigga (besides, he's not from Chile but who cares), some people call him beach-master, some people call him SEXIMAEX! His real name is Seximaex. No doubt, he was born as a sexy Maex!

He's the backbone of the UHUclan!

There's nothing more to say about this guy, just remember:
relax to the maex!!!


He's getting pretty tough into webdesign - check his fantastic page:

Well, and that guy knows to write poems...
check his fantastic writings:
5/18/00 halli hallo!!!
5/30/00 rege rege tröpfli!




PLOP! That's young SEXI-Mäx
click on his fluffy nose!